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Use of logos and mark

Aspirata Certification shall govern and exercise control of ownership of all marks that it authorises its certified clients to use.

Aspirata Certification shall not permit its accreditation marks to be applied to:

  • a product or product packaging, implying product conformity
  • laboratory test reports
    calibration or inspection reports

The client organisation shall adhere to the following requirements regarding reference to certification:

  • conforms to the requirements of Aspirata Certification when making reference to its certification status in communication media such as the internet, brochures or advertising, or other documents
  • does not make or permit any misleading statement regarding its certification
  • does not use or permit the use of a certification document or any part thereof in a misleading manner
  • discontinues its use of all advertising material that contains a reference to certification upon suspension or withdrawal of its certification
  • amends all advertising material when the scope of certification has been reduced
    does not allow reference to its management system certification to be used in such a way as to imply that the certification body certifies a product or service or process
  • does not imply that the certification applies to activities that are outside the scope of certification
  • does not use its certification in a manner that would bring Aspirata Certification and/or system certification into disrepute and compromise public trust

Aspirata Certification shall take appropriate action and deal with incorrect references to certification status or misleading use of certification documents, marks, or audit reports when it becomes aware of such conduct.

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