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Special Audits

Extension of scope

  • Aspirata Certification shall at the request of a client already certified, review such an application to determine if any additional audit activities are necessary before making a decision on extending the scope.
  • The extension of scope could be conducted in conjunction with a surveillance audit.

Conversion audit

  • This applies to a significant change or updated edition of a particular scheme, or when converting from one scheme in a family of schemes to a higher level of certification within that family of schemes, e.g. converting from a HACCP to ISO 22000 or from ISO 22000 to FSSC 22000 level.
  • The conditions, under which conversion audits will be conducted, will be discussed and agreed in advance with the client.

Short-notice audits

  • Aspirata Certification may have to conduct short-notice audits in response to complaints, or changes to the client activities, or as part of a follow-up on suspended clients.
  • The conditions, under which short-notice audits will be conducted, will be described in the client service agreement.
  • Aspirata Certification shall exercise caution in the assignment of the audit team because of lack of time for the client to object to audit team members.
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