Food Safety Internal Auditing

Food Safety Internal Auditing




New Managing Director of Aspirata

Dear Staff, We wish to congratulate Venisha Bachulal on her appointment as Managing Director of Aspirata effective 1 April 2017. Venisha has been Operations Director for Aspirata for a number of years and has since November 2016 been fulfilling a dual role in Aspirata whilst Sybrand Strauss has been fulfilling…

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Food Safety Internal Auditing

Food Safety Internal Auditing

The food industry has never been under such close scrutiny as at present. Not only are consumers better educated and informed about food related issues, but consumers are also demanding products which are prepared and displayed under strict hygienic conditions, as well as foodstuffs that will be safe to consume and consistent in quality.
Properly documented and established food safety & quality management systems have become essential for brand protection, brand loyalty and good public perception.
ASPIRATA can assist companies in the development and implementation of a Food Safety Management system (FS MS) which includes a monitoring programme to identify, avoid and manage risks.
Through professional dually qualified auditors, Aspirata can provide our clients with a
comprehensive internal Food Safety audit service that will identify the following:
• Building and equipment hygiene
• Cleaning Chemical and Equipment Criteria
• Pest Control
• Personal hygiene
• Food handling practices
• Temperature control
• Training requirements
• Microbiological Analysis
The Audit will be conducted in terms of Regulation R 962 of FCD Act 1972 (ACT 54 of 1972), SANS 10049, and norms and Practices.
Aspirata offers a customised, easy to use Management System (Software Solution). All completed audit reports will be uploaded onto this management System Software Solution.
Detailed management reports can be presented to the management from the website
Aspirata can provide guidance and recommendations in respect of the abovementioned programme
The benefits of having internal Food Safety Audits are:
• Identifying food safety risks and areas of improvements
• Promoting responsibility and accountability in employees
• Improving communication and feedback to management
• Verifying management commitment
• Protecting the business reputation
• Fewer health risks
• Demonstrating dedication to customer safety
• Greater customer confidence
Aspirata provides Food Safety and Hygiene Auditing services in the following sectors:
• Hospitality (Hotels, B&B, Resorts)
• Catering (Canteens, Staff Facilities)
• Cinema’s
• Offices (Tea kitchens)
• Restaurants
• Retail


The solution to your Food Safety Management System
Although Food Safety Auditing is not compulsory, it plays a fundamental role in the independent verification of standards, to ensure a safe product is presented for sale to the consumer and customers. Audits are aimed at the identification of food safety risks and to demonstrate due diligence.
Aspirata has the relevant competent auditors to provide Food Safety Internal Auditing to the industry to validate processes against regulatory requirements, relevant standards, International trends as well as customer specific standards.
Aspirata offers a customised, easy to use Management System (Software Solution). It is a client customized software solution
Our Food Safety Management System (FS MS) is designed to adapt to the client’s needs and Aspirata is in a position to manage your suppliers performance on your behalf through our assessment tools. Various management reports are generated. These reports can be used as input to your management system to meet other requirements i.e. management review if you have a certified system.
The advantages of this Food Safety Internal Auditing Management System is:
• To prevent food safety incidents,
• To prove due diligence,
• To ensure the consumer has peace of mind when consuming your products,
• Independent verification of your system.

Quality Assurance

Our team of hygiene, food safety and quality specialists and practitioners has the necessary expertise to assist industry in fulfilling its responsibility in terms of legal obligations and achieve individual business requirements. Our footprint stretches across all nine of South Africa’s provinces with this widespread presence enabling us to easily reach and offer rapid lead-time assistance to clients within this industry.

Compliance legislation: The Health Act (Act 61 of 2003) as well as the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act (Act 54 of 1972) and numerous other food standards containing provisions directing industry to ensure the provision of safe, quality food and to maintain a high degree of hygiene.

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