New Managing Director of Aspirata

Dear Staff, We wish to congratulate Venisha Bachulal on her appointment as Managing Director of Aspirata effective 1 April 2017. Venisha has been Operations Director for Aspirata for a number of years and has since November 2016 been fulfilling a dual role in Aspirata whilst Sybrand Strauss has been fulfilling…

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Occupational Health and Safety

Aspirata has become one of the leading service providers in the Health and Safety industry by garnering many years of experience, providing the best solution-driven methodology to our clients and by following a team approach to ensure that specialist knowledge and experience is shared and applied to significantly minimise hazardous environmental conditions and, in turn, a client's risk.

Hygiene, Food Safety and Quality

With a network of offices throughout South Africa, our team of Hygiene, Food Safety and Quality specialists and practitioners is ideally positioned and have the necessary expertise to assist industry in complying with its legal obligations.

Microbiological and Chemical Laboratory

We are one of the leading laboratory service providers in Southern Africa. We have custom-built, state-of-the-art chemical and microbiological laboratories enabling us to provide a broad range of testing and examination services.

Training and Development

Aspirata training, in conjunction with the Aurecon Training Academy (ATA), has a highly competent team of qualified specialists in the laboratory, food, safety and construction fields. With first-hand knowledge in their specialised disciplines, they can offer unequalled training assistance to employers in various sectors.