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Scope of operations

a. The guiding principles and main objective of Aspirata Certification shall be to assess its clients within food related industries, and their conformance with an elected management system for the purpose of certification in accordance with ISO/IEC 17021:1-2015.

b. “Food related industries” mean primary agricultural and processed and supplementary foods and pharmaceuticals, including related services and products such as packaging, transport, and education as elaborated on in Aspirata Certification’s application, under international EAC codes.

  • Aspirata Certification shall endorse you with independent assessment and certification.
  • Your certification shall confirm your compliance with industry specific national and international systems.
  • Your certification shall serve as a testimony to the effectiveness and validity of your applicable management system, and your company’s commitment to professionalism, quality, safety and good governance.

Food safety management systems:

  • SANS 10049: 2011
  • SANS 10330: 2007 HACCP Food Safety System
  • ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System
  • ISO TS 22002-1:2009 PRP programmes for food manufacturers *
  • ISO TS 22000-6:2016 PRP programmes for the manufacture of animal feeds*
  • ISO TS 22002-4:2013 PRP programmes and design for the manufacture of food packaging *
  • FSSC 22000: 2018 vs 4.1
  • ISO TS 22002-3:2011 PRP programmes for animal farming
  • NTA 8059:2016 PRP programmes for transport and storage
  • Other management systems shall be considered on application

Aspirata’s service prior to certification includes GAP assessments and pre-audits where required as well as SETA based training on all of the above-mentioned standards.

*Certification to these Standards is not provided as stand-alone certification but as part of a recognised Management System, e.g. ISO 22000 or FSSC 22000.

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