New Managing Director of Aspirata

Dear Staff, We wish to congratulate Venisha Bachulal on her appointment as Managing Director of Aspirata effective 1 April 2017. Venisha has been Operations Director for Aspirata for a number of years and has since November 2016 been fulfilling a dual role in Aspirata whilst Sybrand Strauss has been fulfilling…

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Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage industries across the globe are becoming increasingly more competitive and more cutthroat – especially in terms of food safety and quality.

The South African Food Industry isn’t exempt from the safety and quality challenges brought about by consumers who have growing concerns regarding food safety and who demand ever-increasing transparency vis-à-vis all food operations. Coupled with this are the government’s imposing of stricter legislative bounds and merciless competition between companies that operate in this industry – whether it’s to be more sustainable, to unfailingly produce high-quality products, to achieve flawless delivery or to ensure the best possible animal welfare.

These factors influence the way in which business in this industry is conducted as well as how food safety and quality is approached. Taking the above into account, it becomes clear that businesses in the food industry have to implement extreme safety and quality measures to conquer numerous industry challenges. At Aspirata, we understand this and endeavour to assist our clients in being one step ahead of their competition.

We have garnered many years of experience in hygiene, food safety and quality services and our team of specialists has the necessary expertise to assist clients in tailor-making cost-effective, environmentally sustainable solutions to ensure that their businesses are complaint with the Health Act, 2003 (Act 61 of 2003) and Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act (Act 54 of 1972. We can assist clients to produce top-class products and have impeccably safe and hygienic operational environments – from the start of production, through to manufacturing, packaging and distribution (including placing a high premium on animal welfare throughout all processes).

The abovementioned services are offered for the following foodstuffs and processes/services: meat, fish and poultry; flour and milling; spices; condiments; dairy; beverages; fruit and vegetables; sweets and confectionary; bakeries; delis, packaging; manufacturing; distribution; retail; animal welfare etc.

We will help you to consolidate your business’s unique food safety and quality needs with industry and regulatory requirements as well as expectations of consumers in the fast-moving food industry.

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